Hi there :)

Hi, I am Heini, professional triathlete from Helsinki, Finland.

I am:

  • 37 years old
  • Sunny, genuine and humble
  • Engineer who has lived in Finland, Germany and Norway and who speaks fluently Finnish, English, Norwegian and German (and rather good Swedish :>)
  • In addition to swim-bike-run, I love cross-country skiing.
  • Racing for 4th year as professional in long distance triathlon.
  • Second fastest Finnish woman on ironman distance in all times

My story

I was an engineer and got hooked on endurances sports while writing my master thesis in 2011. All started with running, and triathlon came into the picture in 2015.

I was first an age group triathlete and qualified for IRONMAN World Championship in my first IRONMAN race in 2016. I placed fourth in Kona 2017 in age group 30-34.

I moved on to professional class in 2018, reaching my first IRONMAN podium in 2019 in IRONMAN Austria. It was huge for me!

In 2020, I had no international races due to covid-19 pandemic. I trained very much and built endurance and speed for the future.

In 2021, I had solid success in full distance races in European level (5th at IRONMAN European Championship, 3rd at World Triathlon European Championship). I was still at the time working 60% as an IT consultant. Combining two professional careers and jobs has always been “every day”, a challenging “normality” for me.

In 2022, I put an even bigger effort on my triathlon career. I qualified for IRONMAN World Championship in IRONMAN Hamburg (4th place).

My best achievements

  • 4th in IRONMAN European Championship 2022. Kona Qualification.
  • 3rd in World Triathlon European Long Distance Championship 2021
  • 5th in IRONMAN European Championship 2021
  • 3rd in IRONMAN Switzerland 2022
  • 3rd in IRONMAN Austria 2019
  • 2nd in Norseman Extreme Triathlon 2018
  • Finnish championship medals from both triathlon and duathlon

Want to hear more? Contact heini.hartikainen @ iki.fi