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DNF at Finntriathlon Joroinen and Ironman at sight

I travelled right after IM70.3 Haugesund to Finland. My plan was to see friends, train, relax and compete in Finnish half distance championships on July 16th. All went according to the plans until July 14th. I slept 9 hours each night, recovered very well from Haugesund’s race and could do a few quality trainings with strong feeling as well as long rides with PR low heart rates and decent speed. Last Thursday my good fitness vanished only within some hours. I got a horrible stomach flu; I vomited almost 10 times and called my mom from bed to room next door to help me to toilet. Luckily I wasn’t home alone in Oslo. I couldn’t believe it! I haven’t had any problems or been sick during the last 7 months and now two days before a championship race I got huge one.

On Thursday evening when I could walk again myself to toilet I decided I will give the race still a try. And only a try it was. I had to swim in very ease pace not to get stomach cramps. It went according to the plans: 32:32 with easy feeling but with no problems. T1 was still okay. First 5 km of the bike went also fine, but then stomach started to feel bad again. I got cramps if I tried to push hard. And in a race one should be pushing hard, not cycling with “I just cycle what I can” feeling. Stomach swelled and looked like a football. Legs were ok, but not perfect. I cycled to T2. There was no point of quitting on the bike course. And I even decided to give running a try. First 350 meters showed that there is no hope. I could not take a single step without strong stomach pain. DNF.

I was of course unhappy. This “stomach flu” or whatever Finland cruise it was had really bad timing. It ruined one race entirely, but I decided it won’t ruin my other races! I just have to take care I let my body recover from the horror well and not to train too hard too early. I still have a little higher HR than normally and legs are a little powerless. Good thing is that all muscles feel extremely good.

And to a nicer topic: IRONMAN

I have now 9,5 weeks left to IRONMAN Mallorca. I have never cycled over 190 km, and my longest run this year is 23 km. So, I have still plenty of work to do before the ironman! However, I am very eager to start training for the ironman. Now during two last summer holiday weeks I will make a training plan and schedule key training days to my calendar. I am sure about one thing: I will for sure do all my trainings in the plan, so I have to be careful not to kill myself physically or mentally before September 24th.

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