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6 weeks to go

As people say, times flies when you have fun. Apparently ironman training is so fun that time towards my ironman debut is going very fast, slightly too fast. I remember the day when installed an app to my mobile phone for reminding me every day how many days I have for THE BIG DAY. It was then 151. Now it is 43. What have I done with all those days?! Well, I’ve trained.

I would lie if I said I feel confident. I feel very scared. I feel scared in how many ways I can ruin these last weeks and in the ways I can ruin the race day. At the same time I’m more excited that ever before! I’m in good shape, and I really like this ironman training thing. And the most important thing is that this has been an interesting long journey, and it will still continue some weeks and days. I’ve enjoyed long and hard trainings. I’ve enjoyed seeing progress in all three sports as well as in my attitude towards all (small) problems I’ve encountered. Due to fast reaction to tense muscles (= expensive massages, regular use of foamroller, privat massør, etc) and sore feet, I haven’t (yet) had any huge problems or injuries. Fitness has been much more stable than last summer. Super bad and tired days have been “hiding under the bed”. I’m happy that I still need to keep going for six weeks. Sometimes it is very nice to have a training addiction and enjoy the hard work :) Although it is often very lonely.

After a disappointing trip to Finland, I took some days off from “motivated” training. I went cycling, stopped to eat raspberries and blueberries, and took a lot of pictures. I was a tourist. After only a few days, I was happy again and could continue the normal story: sleep, eat, train, eat, etc. The three last weeks have been filled with rather intensive training (and going back to work after summer holidays). Key trainings have been:

  • Long rides (5-6h)
  • Long runs (1:45-2h)
  • One long tempo variation run (fartlek) in hilly Nordmarka
  • 15 km tempo run after hilly bike ride
  • One bike uphill session in Tryvann (3xTryvann hill progressively)
  • One ride collecting all short hills in Oslo surroundings and sprinting them
  • One weekly OW session and 3-4 weekly pool swims.
  • Flat bike intervals
  • Easy runs “like in the old days”

I had planned to have a Big Training Day last Saturday (4000m swim, 5h ride, 1h run, breaks in between), but pouring rain and cold weather ruined that plan. I was too scared to take a risk of cycling 5 hours in rain at this time. I changed 5h outdoor bike to 2h indoor bike session and 1h run to 1:45h run. Although I had made my legs very tired on Thursday evening’s 20 km Nordmarka run (I could use term “I killed my legs”), I was very happy how easily I could run 21 km after an intensive day and week. I was just flying – with tired legs. On Sunday I wasn’t flying anymore.

This week legs have been tired – plan achieved for an easy week :) – and I’ve rested more. Now my body feels rather good, and I am happy to test what I can get out of it in tomorrow’s Oslo Triathlon. It will be an olympic distance race, so I would assume that my slow machine has some problems to start, as I’ve this year had the same speed in olympic distance and half distance races. Anyways, it is important and nice to get more race experience and make a tough training. I’ve done this tri thing only for two years, so all the racing is still a little hassle for me.

One of those solo evening rides. Me and quiet roads. :)

One thing that I haven’t been enjoying very much in my training is that triathlon at the “super-mosjonist” level in Norway is rather lonely. I’m not good enough to ask random fit guys to train with me and I haven’t met girls who want to join my trainings and who are at same level, or preferably even better. I know that if I want to become better, I need to find company that pushes me forward, shares experiences, good and bad days. It can be a coach or training company. This year I was too “busy” in only finishing trainings that I’ve self planned.


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