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Oslo Triathlon 2016

Never skip a local triathlon race! That was very true in Oslo Triathlon last Saturday. Racing in hometown was again luxury: sleeping in own bed, swim-bike-running in familiar everyday training spots, having many friends to cheer for me, and what best, a lot of nice people to chat with after the race. And coffee & cake! I loved it!

Quiet Sognsvann on Saturday morning

Water in Sognsvann was quite cold due to two cold August weeks. I wasn’t very fond of the swim leg – when have I been? I wasn’t nervous either. Later I learned that I might have to be more nervous in order to take the swim leg more seriously, to give my best. I swam again in a survival mood; I started the race mentally when I stepped out of water. That is totally wrong. I’ve been lately quite happy with my swim trainings and the progress I’ve seen in pool, so I wonder why I still lack the “I want to win today” attitude in race swims. Well, it still was my fastest swim this year. 1:40/100m is not yet fast, but it is 4s/100m better than in all races this summer. I really hope that this pace is my Ironman pace, since I’ve had only one OW swimming speed. And those 1500 meters felt easy.

Bike leg was again the funniest part. Legs felt good, much better than I had assumed, and even the sun shone. The second loop in Maridalen felt tougher due to probably stronger wind and all the MEN that drafted and formed groups, which I had to pass. After two passings I gave up. I really wonder when many Norwegian men start to read triathlon rules. Three men is not allowed to cycle side by side or “ligge på hjul”. Luckily I could keep my nerves in one peace, I didn’t start to shout (really much) on these men (something good that in race situation I still like to use Finnish), and kept 10 meters to the group infront of me. That made the around last four kilometers slower, but rules are rules. (I haven’t witnessed women drafting, since we are always so few women with my speed, so drafting each others is made impossible).


Off from the bike, super quick T2 and to the run to chase Mette. I didn’t succeed in the chacing, but I managed to clock clearly the fastest run split. 10 km felt this time quite short, which should be a good sign for September’s Ironman. I however noticed that my legs lacked ability to run fast. Body felt good and legs weren’t super heavy, but they just didn’t take my orders to speed up. All long ironman training days and lack of short intervals must explain that – at least I hope so. I finished second with time 2:14:18. Knowing Sognsvann’s hilly run course and Maridalen’s curves and small hills, I was quite happy with the time. Winning would have been nicer though…

Nice race, super nice people and good training for IM Mallorca. Happy Heini!

Results here.

It didn’t feel this bad!
On the podium with two tough ladies with a lot triathlon experience. Picture:


race report


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