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In Alcudia

Alcudia beach

I arrived yesterday noon in Alcudia. From then on, it is getting to know the cycling and running routes and familiarising myself to clear water swimming without wetsuit. I am not at all familiar with swimming in a clear sea, seing fish and getting salty water in my mouth. I really need to spend some time in the water to make it feel comfortable. And of course to be able to concentrate only on swimming, not being afraid of other things.

Easy cycling after Sunday’s travel

I cycled yesterday 1h and ran 30 minutes. Today it was again easy cycling (2,5h) and swimming (40min) in the sea. Weather has been quite warm (+26C) and sunny today. I drank twice as much as usually while cycling and was still thirsty. It will by much drinking during the race. Swimming was actually very nice and not at all slower without wetsuit! I think it will be quite fun to swim in the race!

On Sunday spin
Touristic run selfie



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  1. Hi Heini! it would be nice to hear more about your nutrition, as you seem to balance a full-time job with very demanding triathlon training. Do you have any supplements, sports gels or drinks that you’d recommend to other triathletes? what about your daily diet, any special things you consider important to your training and well-being? thanks so much and gongrats on the great race on the weekend!


    • Hi Alice, thanks! :)

      I eat rather normal food. Quite a lot of vegetables and salad, but also meat and bread, etc. I love oat meals for breakfast. On working days I don’t a eat a dinner before evening training, but some snacks (fruit, yoghurt, bread, etc). I eat a light dinner after the training, or a bigger one if I am really hungry, like usually I am. :) On long trainings I’ve used to use energy drinks (High5) and probably also gels (also ofter High5 or Powerbar) or bars. I eat something right after a hard or long training (2h or more). Usually I carry some bananas and apples with me. So, nothing really special in there either.

      I try to sleep enough, drink almost zero alcohol, be positive and not to gather any extra duties. I stress usually a little too much about things, so I’ve noticed, I need to keep things simple: job, training, family and close friends. Not 100 other hobbies or activities.

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