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When things go wrong and then right

One might think that travelling to a warm (and windy) place is a dream for a triathlete living in a cold and dark country in winter. Well, it always sounds like a dream, but sometimes things can go very wrong. I spent half of my Christmas trip to Fuerteventura sick and the entire trip very stressed and irritated, not only because of sickness. All I wanted to go home and have some days’ good rest from everything, cure myself on my own, alone. I wanted to feel and hear my heart pumping normally, and not like a bird, whose heart pumps extremely fast and gets exhausted in some minutes.

Luckily at the end of the trip I managed to cycle at least some rides in freaking wind and feel really good legs in a few runs. The wind really surprised me. Basically every day the wind was 8-10 m/s. Without a watt meter I’d become very irritated about slow speed, not knowing the actual effort. It was the first time I cycled on flat 20 km/h with 4 w/kg. Speedy indeed! On my last day’s 4:40h ride, I felt powers and heart rate approaching their normal values and could smile widely. I felt finally the freedom this sport gives me. Some people call it a flow feeling. Gosh I had missed that!

Tip: Choose Gran Canaria, not Fuerteventura.

Of course there is still a lot work to be done to be in the state I want to be, but I feel that all the negative things that I encountered in November and December are now behind me. Good 2017 calls me! :) Heart rate dropped to normal immediately I got home. Easy winter running in the streets of Oslo feels amazingly good now! In addition, when Garmin showed a new PR for VO2Max on my short Thursday evening bike intervals, I thought I am at it again! Enjoying hard work, my triathlon life!

Some sunny pictures from Fuerteventura.

Managed to get a panda face!

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