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Mallis spring training camp

The highlight of each spring is for sure a training camp. As my new year’s extempore training week in Fuerteventura was a flop, I was quite sure that 16 training days in Mallorca would be for sure better. And so they were! I can honestly say that I’ve never before been so pleased with my training sessions, training motivation and each day’s shape as I was now. And as knowing my usual dissatisfaction to my doings, it means quite much.

Starting point for the training camp wasn’t the best, but not the worst either. Due to a bit too many heavy running kilometres in late winter, my gluteus muscles were a little strained and hurt in fast running. I had to drop all fast running for three weeks, decrease kilometers and consult a physiotherapist how to strengthen my gluteus to tolerate all cycling and running I do nowadays. Swimming has seldom hurt legs. All these three things seemed to be done to at good time, since in Mallorca my entire body felt again good and I could run fast with a huge smile on my face again. :) Three weeks’ break from fast running did nothing for the running shape – as timing was okay and I could jog all the time. It was still almost 1,5 months until the first race of the season. It was strange how calm and non-stressed I felt about it. I learned however again that being injury-free should never be taken as granted. Good point with my preparation was that I could train entire beginning of the year otherwise well and without being sick at all. Lessons learned from past are that being often (or long) sick ruins basically everything.

As I got the training program from my coach, I realized it would be the heaviest two weeks of my life. It wasn’t going to be only fun sightseeing rides around the wonderful island, but hard work to become a better triathlete. Oh my, how excited I was. :) (of course some coffee rides were included too)

First 5 days went very fast with Julia. We trained partly together, and had partly different programs. Best was probably our 6:20h easy ride around the island, on new streets. On the first week, I dropped one heavy running session, since I was not sure if my gluteus could handle it in addition to all cycling and easier runs. On the other hand, I did a short tempo run basically after every bike ride. I proved again myself that it is the thing I love in triathlon – sport change from cycling to running. Fast running after heavy cycling is just incredibly fun! :D

The rest of the days I spent partly alone, partly with my family. After a week, I noticed I had become quite tired and kept one very easy day: only 3200m pool swim in the morning, afternoon car sightseeing with my sister, mom and dad, including only a little walking, and easy 1h evening spin with my dad. That worked well and last Friday I was again full of energy: ready to gave my all at Lluc (7,8km) and Sa Calobra (9,5km) hills, the heaviest bike session I’ve ever done.

Pari tolloa. :)

Some training sessions worth to mention:


  • 4 x 1000m swim in the beginning of the second week. Best feeling in a long(ish) swim that I’ve ever had.
  • Various interesting pool sessions, between 2700-4100m.
  • Only one drop to open water.


  • 4 x 10 min bike reps on both weeks. On first week IM70.3 race pace, on second week threshold watts.
  • On day 5, hard flat and hill cycling with some Finnish MTB cyclists, FTP PR at Lluc from Pollenca.
  • On day 11, hard hill cycling alone, Lluc all out from Caimari + Sa Calobra all out. Average watts on both hills 235w.
  • On day 13, long easy ride from Palma to Port d’Alcudia via mountains with Toffe. 3370hm, 166km, 7:20h. AMAZING SIGHTS and still quite okay legs.
  • Nice easy long rides around my favorite island. :)


  • A few after bike 30 min runs, of which 3 first kilometers IM70.3 race pace
  • Progressive 10 km run at Z1-Z3 on both weeks. My Z3 was under 4:00 min/km, which I was very happy about.
  • On day 6, 3 x 4 km intervals with 3 min jog pause, at Z2-Z4. First 4:10/km, second 4:04/km, third 3:55/km.
  • On day 14, 10 x 2 km marathon pace intervals. Avg pace 4:11 min/km. In total 26 km running. Felt easy until last rep! Last one with Sisu.
  • Easy runs with much lower HR than at home. :) Only a little clothes on and warm weather seemed to do wonders.


  • Core and strength sessions to keep legs still alive.
  • Massage machine at the hotel gym.

Now I am at home, feeling still quite good. I hope no sicknesses will arrive!

I will open my race season in three weeks in IM70.3 St. Pölten – with my namesake Heini. YAY :)

Swim-bike-run hours from the camp:

All out hill cycling at Sa Calobra
Down to Sa Calobra valley.
Basic idiotism. This is just a hobby ;)
Evening run
At Port de Valldemossa with Toffe.
To Puig

One pizza never killed anyone, when training almost 40h per week.

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