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Excited and a bit scared before coming race season

Three nights until this season’s first triathlon race, IRONMAN 70.3 St. Pölten, and actually any proper race. Last spring I did a few running and cycling races before I started my triathlon race season, but this spring I sort of missed that and will start my triathlon season also three weeks earlier. Whoah, I am very excited! And of course quite scared too (those knowing me, think about the basic hassle…). The first race is seldom a perfect one. Race routines are almost gone and, what is probably most frightening, open water swimming sessions haven’t been even started yet. O’ou!

On the other side, my race preparations have gone very well. I had a very good training camp in Mallorca in April, and I seemed to recover rather well from it. Heart rates were a little high for around a week and I slept too little. My body got quite a shock when it didn’t have to be swimming, cycling or running anymore all the time, which was visible in bad sleeping. Luckily I didn’t become sick, but after a week I found again a good sleeping rhythm and started to notice that my body liked again proper training at the same time. I have clocked PR watts and rather nice running paces also after the camp at home. It has been nice to notice that I indeed got more cycling power during the winter and have said goodbye to my last summer’s watts – without getting any heavier! I’ve also been quite happy with my running after the camp. I’ve run race pace bricks, both short and long ones, a few times a week and made the body to remember how does that pace feel like after cycling. I start to smile when thinking that last year in a half distance race 4.15 min/km pace felt somewhat satisfactory. I would be quite sad with it now. But let’s see what is the feeling on Sunday after the race. :) And how well my body responds to pushing hard that long without breaks.

And swimming then… I should probably be more scared about the swim after dipping in open water only once after last September, but I am actually not very scared. I’ve done some progress in the pool, so I try to be positive. I try to remember to push hard with good technique on Sunday. Out of the comfort zone should be the key term for me.

Weather forecasts don’t look very tempting for Sunday. It looks cold, and it will very probably rain. Well, it rained in almost every race last season, so it should not be a huge problem for me. It is not nice though.

Nothing wins a hard run, except a brick session of several rounds of hard cycling and running, when legs feel finito already after the second round. :D Here is going a third run of one Friday evening session.
From fatness to better fitness in 6 months.
I found a new favourite long ride route last August: Hurumlandet rundt, 150-170km with nice 1700hm. I managed to cycle it already once in May.




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