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Overall AG winner but still loser

When I think about last Sunday’s IRONMAN 70.3 Haugesund, the first thought that comes to my mind is how I lost the battle against stomach problems during the run. In addition, I also lost the first place and ended up struggle-jogging to the finish line in safe second place.

I also feel a little sad how 3atlet wrote how “historical” the win had been for Kristin, the only professional woman in the race. What should you except, when a professional lines up against a bunch of age groupers? (IM70.3 Haugesund didn’t have professional field at all this year). Would the win be a surprise in that case? Would you call an IRONMAN win historical when a professional competes against non-professionals? I would not. And how come 3atlet didn’t mention my fastest bike split? ;)

Although I still see myself as an age grouper (which I also am) and unprofessional, I hated loosing quite a lot last Sunday. I hated that my body didn’t work at all in the way it usually works during the run. I like to fly on the run, not look like a loser, slow idiot. I had very good legs during the entire race, but from some reason, probably drinking shitty water of Skeisvatnet, my stomach started to do strange things around 10 km to go in the bike. When I started running, it got worse all the time. After every faster step I took, I thought I need to get into a toilet in three seconds or/and vomit. When you think about quitting all the way from 2 km to 11 km, when still leading the race, running can’t be anything else than horrible struggle. After 11 km sign I decided that I won’t quit this battle. I will drag myself to finish line no matter what, and I will be proud of myself. And the result after that struggle was 4:37:30 with half marathon time of 1:30:47. I was overall AG winner, but I still felt myself as a loser. When did I set barrier this high?

Other things that I come to my mind about the race trip are however much nicer. I would like to keep them in mind clearer than the painful stomach-problem-run.

  • Travelling together with the nicest random policeman I’ve ever met. A policeman, whose car breaks down in the middle of nowhere (pumps up question: did he do that on purpose?!) so that we have 2,5 hours to eat lunch, chitchat and take tourist pictures while waiting to get a replacement car. (Yes, this is a true story. My race trips are full of surprises.)
  • Meeting and knowing much more Norwegian triathlon people than last year. It felt being at “home”, when pumping up to familiar people here and there in Haugesund.
  • Lazy swim, feeling that I was alone in the water, was 30 minutes. That is a huge difference to last year. Last year my swim with similar feeling was 33 minutes. I just need to learn to swim fast!
  • Very cold, windy and wet bike ride, but still PR watts and best bike split (2:30:57). Btw, I don’t think the bike leg was too hard and caused the stomach problems. HR was lower than usually, and I felt myself good.
  • Cycling almost all the course alone, but not still slowing down at the end.Β I felt cycling alone was actually quite nice. I didn’t have to be afraid of getting too close to the one in front of me, since often I couldn’t see anyone anywhere. Power meter works alway as a good push.
  • Very many unknown people cheered for me and even seemed to know who I am. It made me feel a bit better during the run. Thank you!
  • Line Mari, Christine and Henning were incredibly good and loud audience during the run.
  • Mette’s supporting words after the race, when I felt myself very disappointed.
  • I met again new nice people, with whom to train and gossip about triathlon!

My half distances races for this year are probably over now. Next I will try to find a little better mood, travel to Finland for a week and after that start training for IRONMAN Kona. I haven’t done any long training sessions after my training camp in Mallorca, so I am very happy to get back to proper ironman training!

The car broke down here.
What can you do then? Some posing in great landscape.
But then came the white knight, Volvo, and saved our trip! p.s. Don’t buy Wolkswagen Touran!
IRONMAN made me Norwegian. However, I still need to live here 5 more years to be it officially.
People say Haugesund is an ugly city, but I think it looked nice on Saturday evening walk.
Picture: MEDIA Group Norway
Picture: MEDIA Group Norway

Picture: MEDIA Group Norway
At least making the kids happy!


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