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90 days until Kona – to be used well

I have a counter on my mobile phone. It says it is 90 days until IRONMAN Hawaii today. It is a long time, almost three months. Much can happens during those 90 long days. However, it can be a short time too, if problems emerge on the way: if I become sick, injured, fatigued or something similar that hinders the progress I’ve seen by far this year. By far I’ve avoided flues and big injuries after January. There is something small in my feet and left hamstring every now and then, but I know that they belong to the process. I’ve needed to accept that life without all problems isn’t possible. The key is to adjust training program and life as good as possible to ensure that small things don’t become bigger, but vanish always in a few days.

Varying running routes (and increasing running shape) keep motivation high!
One week summer holidays in Finland with favourite company and activity!

This biggest goal of my life has taught me to be more patient and flexible, at least concerning training and my fitness. Wonders aren’t made within a day, but consistent work usually pays off better in the end. On the other hand, training for Kona and putting more and more time and effort to triathlon has for sure made me even more selfish – I’ve seen again glimpses of “my target, my training, my time to rest, my life, etc.” mentality, which is bad! As my road to Kona is team work and touches more people than I every day remember, I want to stay humble and as a “small, normal girl” as I’ve been until today. My one triathlon target isn’t in the end the world’s biggest thing, very probably not the biggest thing of my life either. :)

I raced in invitational Teisko Triathlon (900-25-7) in Finland last weekend. Nice, local race! :) Win and course record for me. Picture: Teemu Halonen
I raced in invitational Teisko Triathlon (900-25-7) in Finland last weekend. Nice, local race! :) Win and course record for me. Picture: Teemu Halonen

As planned earlier, my preparation towards Kona doesn’t include much racing. There are some reasons for it: (1) time taken away from training, (2) risk to become injured and unrecovered, (3) money. I wanted to do a warm-weather half-distance race at the end of August, but since that isn’t possible in Norway and I would need to travel abroad, I’ll skip that and replace it with a two-week training camp in Lanzarote. Two weeks in a warm and freaking windy island with experienced company (Kaitsu & Tommi) should be a perfect preparation for Kona. An extreme plus is of course two weeks without normal daily work. I hope to absorb as much as possible Kona and cycling experience from those two older gentlemen! Intensive and/or long training sessions in warm Lanzarote serve well as final energy take and drinking testing and preparation sessions too. We’ll be in Lanzarote 8.-22. of September. After that I have 1,5 weeks home before travelling to Hawaii with my father.

There are of course valuable training weeks before September too. I have now two weeks summer holidays left, which I spend training “mengde” (= read a lot) and taking a small cycling trip with backpack. After that I will continue my work-training routine that I started in April: Monday-Tuesday at work, Wednesday off, Thursday-Friday at work, weekend off. It means that I usually do longer and/or harder sessions on Wednesday and at weekend. Thursday is thus always an easy day. I hope that this routine works as good as it did in April-June. When I got one extra free day, I got also more energy both in trainings and at work. Win-win for every one. I will race in Oslo Triathlon in mid-August and hope to smash my time from last year with several minutes, since it is my first race after 5 weeks of only training! ;) (if Storsylen Opp, holiday up-hill running race with Terhi doesn’t count :D). I hope to torture myself also one or two times in Bogstad treningstri, which is a sub-1h sprint training horror for an IM girl.

As I know from my own experience, less than three months to A race is not the time to make huge adjustments to my training. So, I would assume that my training programs, done in cooperation with Mette, resemble the ones we’ve done earlier this year, but focus is on the longer distance.

My aero position was changed a little during my Finland visit, and there might still be some small adjustments to it. My old sitting position felt good and was very running-friendly, but it was far from good aero position. Stalking some others’ power-weight-speed relations, I noticed that with my power production I should be cycling much faster. I hope the adjustments we did should fix that and I should get those watts for myself without losing running legs. Three months time to test and fine-tune aero position should be still okay, I think.

Home pool!

I try to keep you posted with a little more details how training sessions towards Kona are going during the next weeks and months. :)


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